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Data-Driven eCommerce Strategy & Analysis

Who I Am, and What I Can Do For Your Business

Increase Conversions | Boost Traffic | Understand Your Audience

My name is David Polinow, I’m a freelance eCommerce and digital inbound marketing strategy consultant. My passion is maximizing growth potential for online businesses.

The world of eCommerce is massive, complex, and constantly changing. However, in this day it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve in order to maximize the success of your online business. My passion is working one-on-one with entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes, to help them understand and navigate the dynamic E-Commerce landscape, and guide them through achieving sustainable long-term growth.

What exactly does that mean?

There’s no single formula for achieving measurable online business success  What works for other companies may not work for your unique business model, goals & resources. With thousands of tools and endless information available – it can be overwhelming for a business owner to identify the right ingredients for growth and implement them effectively.

Thats where I come in. I work as your eCommerce & digital marketing partner. I’ll help you design and implement a comprehensive, goal-oriented, and data-driven eCommerce & digital marketing strategy customized to your specific needs. By leveraging smart analysis and a wide variety of tools, I enable you to reach the specific goals which matter most to you.

Whether that entails –

  • Auditing & Conversion optimizing your website
  • Redesigning your business model
  • Analyzing your traffic
  • Solidifying your brand presence
  • Getting you ranked higher in search engines
  • Reaching your target audience
  • Boosting your social media presence
  • Planning digital marketing campaigns
  • Maximizing advertising returns
  • Engaging strategic partnerships

– I have the tools and knowledge to get it done.

An Extensive Range of Experience
I’ve helped business clients achieve success within a wide-array of industries – ranging from eCommerce startups, to high-volume online publishers. My core competencies include (but are not limited to): eCommerce Strategy, Disruptive Growth Modeling, Conversion Optimization, Business Strategy Development, Go-to-market strategy, Data-Driven Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Startup Launches,  PPC Campaign Execution, Content marketing, Backlink-Building & Analysis, Sales & Content Copywriting, Social Media Srategy, and a wide-range of technical & analytical capabilities.

I’m constantly learning every day as I keep up to date on the latest industry trends and best practices.

Personal,  Accessible, and Flexible

Unlike working with a large scale digital marketing agencies, I offer support across every core functional area of your business.  I don’t just complete a project – I guide you through the process to give you the tools to succeed on your own.  Rather than applying a cookie-cutter approach, my strategies are custom tailored to your company. I become your full-service eCommerce & digital marketing partner, mentor, and guru throughout the entire course of our engagement – accessible to provide insight, analysis, and honest feedback from start to finish.

I’m looking forward to meeting you and discussing how I can help your business achieve online success!

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